The Addams Family inspired portfolio Part 2~ XD 
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Hello guys! 
I’ve got a portfolio update! :D 

I fell in love with Krysta Rodriguez and her performance in The Addams Family Broadway Musical a few months ago… and I thought it would be fun to explore my own take on the Addams Family… and well… here it is! haha xD  

This truly was a learning experience for me because I can clearly see how much I need to improve and how far away I am from where I want to be.. However I’m glad I pushed myself to go outside my comfort zone! It was well worth it.

Lastly, I wanna thank my amazing teachers/mentors who walked me through this process these past few months! I owe all I’ve learned to them <3 

I will be posting Part 2 of the portfolio shortly so stay tuned! 
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Thank you guys <3 



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Well hi there, Justin… Hi. &gt;:B
Electro, by Marte Gracia Pazuzu.


Well hi there, Justin… Hi. >:B

Electro, by Marte Gracia Pazuzu.


Electrifying = Electro + terrifying.
 Amazing Spider-Man 2, by KodeLogic.


Electrifying = Electro + terrifying.

Amazing Spider-Man 2, by KodeLogic.

Quick thing—want to say thank you for real to everyone who’s been messaging me about stuff and replying to things I post and everything. While there are a couple of exceptions mostly I’ve been very quiet lately. I’m not sure why, just in a mood. But it means a ton hearing in from you guys, and I’m sure I’ll be more social soon. SENDING YOU ALL HUGS!

Hugo Strange for the OTP questionnaire :3

OTP: HugoxMannequin 5evar

OTF: Lol I like unpopular Hugo. XD Maaaaaaybe Hugo + Dr. Cavendish at Arkham.

OT3: HugoxMannequinxScarface

NOTP: HugoxOther Humans

So, like, I learned something I should've known forever. I went to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Aquarium in Gatlinburg, TN for spring break (fantastic, by the way--they took fantastic care of their animals!) and while I was there, I learned that Moray Eels are like space puppies, in that they enjoy lazing around on rocks and like to be pet by the aquarium workers. I also learned that pufferfish cram all their organs to one side when they puff up, seriously limiting their life-spans.


Yup! Morays seem to have a lot of circumstantial species-crossing social tendencies; even though they live alone and normally love to eat small crustaceans, they will welcome cleaner shrimp and other symbiotes.

Some predatory fish have also learned how to “recruit” morays to help them hunt. If a big grouper can’t get a prey animal out of a narrow crevice, it will go find a moray eel and waggle its head as a signal. The eel will then follow it back to the prey’s hideout and squeeze in after it.

So it’s not surprising they can become very tame and trusting towards extremely different creatures, like humans. Male and female morays also court each other by touch, so cuddles probably make them feel calm and safe.

likes cuddles

how bout Oswald


OTP: Batman/Penguin hahaha, but trying to be serious uhhhhh… jeez, honestly I don’t really ship him.
OTF: Ozzie + Eddie. Riddler and Penguin friendship all the way, they can be classy together and I actually think it could be a kind of sweet, healthy thing too tbh. For both of them.
OT3: Batman/Penguin/Killer Croc
NOTP: Like I said I don’t really ship Ozzy, but I did see someone seriously ship him with Harley once and it made me :/ really hard. I’d prob. feel much the same with Penguin/Ivy.

Send me a character and I’ll tell you;




Shared credit for this goes to octopusboat XD

Harley, Joker,  Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Firefly, Riddler, Scarecrow, and Two-Face go on a camping trip about an hour or two outside of Gotham City. None of them are 100% sure whose idea it was (and by connection, who to blame), but the whole thing takes place on a forested peninsula way way down the Gotham River.

Penguin would have been invited, but Ozzie prefers a nice cruise to the woods and declines. Bane wasn’t invited because he’d want to take Osito and that would be really weird.

Firefly is a former special effects guy from LA and is dating Selina at the time of this story. Full first name Garfield, abbreviates it to Gary.

Harvey gets invited because Harley likes him and Joker thinks he’s a pal. Nobody else much wants him, but he’s excited to be included and eager to prove himself. He was good at camping before the acid, and he tells everyone he’s good at camping and knows all sorts of survival shit. Except post-acid, he’s unfortunate enough to have both half his head burned off and ungodly bad luck.

Eddie and Selina are absolutely miserable in the woods. They have tents full of bugs and no showers. Selina dressed impractically in her usual low cut top and short shorts with heels (she did tone it down to slightly shorter wedges but still) and over the course of the trip wound up removing them and  slinging them over her shoulders. Her feet get super gross and full of splinters. Eddie suffers a breakdown due to lack of phone signal and wifi.

Selina, Harley, and Ivy share a tent, Gary and Joker share a tent, and Crane, Eddie, and Harvey share a tent. Joker makes a Brokeback Mountain joke at Gary and it keeps Gary up all night because of insecurity about his homovirginity.

And then shit starts gettin’ 2spoopy.

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